Weekend Getaway In Amsterdam

Dreamy canals and old architectural features, Amsterdam has her own charm. Different than every other city in The Netherlands. My favorite for sure. You will see millions of bicycles, even if it rains like crazy- “you are not made of sugar now are you” they’ll say. A land of cheese and mills, where they make fun of the States for claiming to be a free country.

Luxurious stay in the city’s finest

Despite I like private accommodation more, when it comes to Amsterdam, I much rather staying in a hotel. Some of my favorites are INK Hotel Amsterdam and The Hoxton Hotel.

Ink Hotel Amsterdam

A luxury design hotel. It has an artistic, classy, modern and characteristic interior. An award winning, state-of-the-art design in the heart of Amsterdam.

“Where stories are yet to be written” is this place.

The cozy duke of Windsor. The hotels’ bar and restaurant with a historical interior, which is known to be a popular meeting point. Within walking distance from the hotel, you will find famous museums, theaters, cinemas, the shopping center and many more choices of restaurant/bars.

The Hoxton Hotel

Full of modern, light and refreshing elements. Where cute meets the chic. You have options such as cozy rooms or roomy rooms, to choose from. The hotels’ lovely neighborhood bar and restaurant Lotti’s, looks hip and cozy. The seating area has a glass roof that opens during summer. Velvet plush couches and dimmed lights finish the touch. Even if you don’t stay at the Hoxton, make sure to have an extended brunch over there.

Quality cuisine in Amsterdam

Pure flavors, local ingredients and a monthly changing menu. Choux! They have choices between three dishes and seven dishes per menu and wide options of wine. However, chardonnay went perfectly together with the cuisine. It has a simplified minimalistic design with messy table settings, not exactly what you would expect when you have that high culinary plate in front of you.

A high-quality restaurant on the 19th floor, where top notch service is to be expected. Moon! With a spectacular view of Amsterdam’s waterfront, the river. Since the restaurant is spinning, by the end of your dinner you’ll have made a full round. Make sure you reserve right before sunset! Their cuisine is pure art and heavenly delicious. The building itself -the old shell tower- is a multifunctional party centrum with diverse restaurants, bars, and is the meet-point in Amsterdam.

There where you have to be

Amsterdam is a hotspot on its own. A lively nightlife to museums, cocktail evenings, cafes/bars, restaurants, from culture to pleasure. For every type there is something.

To go get coffee

Lot Sixty One” – Kinkerstraat 112
The best coffee in this city so far. Special self-roasted coffee from all over the world. With every sip, you will feel that place. This coffee you won’t find anywhere else but Lot Sixty One.

Colorful cocktail evening

Hiding in plain sight” – Ropenburg 18
Has such an elegant, mystique and classic style, you’ll feel like a member of a secret society. They have the greatest cocktails in all colors and flavors. The place gives a touch away from the 30’s and 50’s

Things to do

  • Sail over the canals
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Street art tours
  • Try out coffeeshop the Bulldog
  • Bicycle rides over the canals
  • Let your shop-spirit free

After walking plentiful streets and shops in & out, carrying countless shopping bags, I can imagine you are in need of relaxation. Don’t worry though. A few steps around you, there is a walk-in spa. “Sense Beauty & Lifestyle” In the heart of the centrum, for a quick escape.

Festivities around the city

Amsterdam is the place to be for all kinds of festivals, concerts, and the nightlife. When the first sun starts smiling in spring, you’ll see the dutch running out of their caves in shorts and slippers- not to mention the hipster sunglasses. Ready for festival season! Check your dates and keep track of every event around your trip on Timeout. You might be surprised in how many great artists you’ll come across.

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