The Island Life in Tobago

Trinidad’s mini island, Tobago. The name comes from its blunt shaped land, reminding tobacco. This beautiful treasure island has all you need. Lively and happy vibes, a colorful nature, and lovely people will make you wish you’d live here.

Crown Point

More likely the crown jewel of Tobago. Here, is where all the bacchanal happens. The airport is right next to the beach. In fact, so close that when landing, it’ll look like landing on water. After collecting your bags, you basically walk out in Store Bay Beach. The first step in Tobago. All you see will be familiar faces. Those people back in Trini, the few you saw in the airport or shared the flight with. All these people on the way will encounter you a couple of times in Store Bay and Crown Point.


Carolina Point Resort

Found through Airbnb. On Pigeon Point Road, Crown Point, in the middle of all the bacchanal. Minutes away from beaches, restaurants, sea sports, and entertainment. A Reggae Bar right across the road. We named it the Bob Marley Bar, since every day his music would reach this cute resort to complete the ambiance.

The room was big and bright. More like a studio with a high ceiling. Beautiful bathroom. Big bed in the middle, a couch, mini table with chairs and all basics are covered. The garden was huge and fascinating, also with an own mini jungle in the back. However, since we were constantly out, there was no time left to enjoy the garden like in Barbados. The owner –who is a little too chatty and extremely social– will happily tell you all the places to be!


Dine In Style

One drive around Crown Point and you will be confused by the endless choices there are. I remember driving around the same route for about three times and all the restaurants were as appealing and inviting as the one before. Suddenly you want to eat everything! Whatever we chose, we were not disappointed. But to make a list and a top three here is my choice.


Steakhouse and grill. Casual and cozy. Relaxed like a sports bar type of place, yet still classy. Nevermind the looks, what had got me in this place was the taste of happiness. Carved in my mind! Steak in wine sauce with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side. Perfect! with every bite heavenly. After, I got my lovely coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. One of the best I have tasted. What got me surprised was the extremely mild taste. Almost sweet on its own. As a coffee lover, I like to try out different types and tastes of coffee, this one was extraordinary.

Cafe Coco

Right next to our Bob Marley bar. Five stars, Coco Reef restaurant. Elegant, classy, a tropical fairytale kind of open air restaurant. Waterfall like fountains lit up on all sides, a beautiful bridge to walk over. It feels magical. The menu presents you local cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. I chose the Lobster and Steak with steamed vegetables, rice, and white wine. You can’t leave Tobago without eating their crab and lobsters! Especially the national dish crab and dumpling.

The Overhang

Casual and relaxed. The dark interior brings a classy ambiance. withal the main draw is its balcony bar, hanging over the street where you can watch the liveliness of Tobago while dining. The menu looks quite appealing, seems like everything is delicious here so just go with your own favorite. Though, I got to point out. The chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream is one dessert you can not miss out on. Heavenly.

Shopping In The Tropics

In my opinion, I rather small local stores along the way, hidden in between the streets. The gifts shops around the beaches, fruit trucks everywhere. It’s not a price or quality matter. Simply because I like those gifts, clothes, and accessories. Either hand made or a local product, it is a part of that place. Unique to where you have been. Some even cultural! Those you can never find in big malls. Yet still, malls have some handy purposes. Like fast food, movies (if you find time for it), and some nice quality stores if needed. Mostly because it has everything under one roof. So I’ll list you a few malls which are worth visiting.


Gulf City Mall

In Lowlands Crown Point, close to Shirvan Plaza. 45.000 Sq. feet of shopping area. It is called the jewel of Tobago shopping. The biggest shopping mall you can find in Tobago. A lot of choice in retail and food courts. Original brands and stores

Shirvan Plaza

On the way to Mount Irvin, you’ll see Shirvan Plaza. There are more restaurants than stores, nevertheless, it is worth to take a look. Time To Wine seems like a cute wine lounge. Definitely, the place to wine and dine, enjoy the lounge. Then turn right and follow the road to Mt. Irvin. Watch the sunset at the beach. Since the lounge is too crowded, you might find it more comfortable to bring your bottle to the Bay and enjoy the sunset accompanied by your favorite wine.

Coast Of Crown Point

Exquisite beaches, sand of gold. Either full of people, all interacting like in Store Bay. Or quiet and peaceful, almost private, like in Mt. Irvin.

Store Bay Beach

Right next to the airport in Crown Point. The most cheerful beach, full of people. Most of them you will recognize after some time. Seeing the same faces, which all friendly and greeting. Random people start waving at you because they recognize you. Feels like being around with your own people. The sound of Bob Marley shouting from the diner in the back. Surrounded by happy and joyful vibes. If you need to stash up before your trip, this is the place to be. Make sure to check the gift shops. Those coconut hut shops are the cutest so far. You could even braid your hair and start dreads. Swim, dive, fete’s, and lime. All possible in Store Bay.


Mount Irvin Bay Beach

A quiet and peaceful beach. Park your car and watch the view, walk around, take a swim. No one will bother you. There might be one maybe two pairs of people but that’s it. The waves here are strong though. As we were playing in the waves like little children, I almost broke my neck. In spite of, the laughs were inevitable. We came back here a lot. Just to lime and relax.


Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Told to be Crown Points nicest beach. There are a lot of things to do like boat tours and jet ski rides. Surely it is less crowded than Store Bay since you have to pay for entrance. Anyhow, an amazing beach and fun moments await you. On the beach, people will approach you for boat tours and events. Take my word for it, in spite of they might seem a little pushy, go along with them. Ask for Jetski Jesus! He will arrange you everything you need and link you with the right people. You can ask him anything! Take the boat tour through Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool, and No Man’s Land.

Buccoo Reef

The first destination. With the glass-bottom boat, you can see the charming underwater world around Buccoo Reef. Snorkeling is possible if you wish, they’ll throw a rope for everyone to hold on since the waves are extremely strong. I went in head first. And everything changed. I saw beautiful blue fishes swimming through colored corals. Different kinds and colors. One even more beautiful than the other. Wonderful, I thought. Swimming around looking at the beauty nature created.  Though, there is more to see heading to our next destination.


Nylon Pool

In the middle of the ocean, miles away from land. This wonder of nature is a pool in the ocean, where you can stand on your feet. The water will reach till your waist. While stopping there, Jet ski Jesus and more others will come by. Bottles of soda and alcohol will be thrown into the sea. Everybody jumps out. Soca music set out loud. Dance, laugh, drink, swim. Everybody is chill with you, and the vibe is indescribable. We hadn’t had this much fun and laughter in Oistins Barbados. And if you have read it, you’ll know that it was fun.


No Man’s Land

A stretch of uninhabited and exquisite sandy beach lapped by the most kaleidoscopic waters you will ever see. The Bon Accord Lagoon is fringed by mangrove wetlands and an important habitat for many species of birds. Because of this wetland, the whole area is only accessible by boat. No Man’s Land isn’t an island, rather a spit of white coral-sand stretching out in front of the lagoon. The spot is surrounded by clear shallow water and speckled with leafy trees and small forest growth on either side of a long path that makes up the dance floor to dozens of brightly colored dragonflies. It is easily one of the most beautiful spots in all of Tobago


Englishman’s Bay

The most stunning beach in Tobago. It is an hour away from Crown Point, yet the drive alone would be worth it. The view on the way is at most amazing. Go up high in the mountains, surrounded by mother nature. The view on top, down to Englishman’s Bay is, without a doubt, the prettiest view of Tobago. Down at the beach, there is just one hut. The only hut where all the pictures are taken was occupied by a group of fisherman. They sit and lime together after the morning catch. That is a picture on its own.


Passing by the sweet lady by her gift shop we walked down the beach, all the way to the end. Finding the perfect spot ever! It had a super small pathway going back up the woods, beautifully shaped rocks falling down the ocean. Behind us, there was a small river flowing. All crystal clear waters, colored up by sunlight. Shadows of leaves, creating wonderful patterns on golden sands. The waves were heavy, however, that won’t stop us from swimming.


Turtle Watching

Magnificent creatures. Anyone snorkeling the reefs of Tobago has a good chance of seeing marine turtles swimming among the reefs, as Tobago is home to the hawksbill turtle, the green turtle, and the giant leatherback turtle. The nesting season runs from January to September and takes place at night. Turtle Beach is the prime nesting site. Although, many more beaches include the season like Stone Haven Bay and Bloody Bay.  

Most of these beaches are protected at night (for really good reasons). Therefore going with a certified guide would be the best option as the money will help to protect the turtles. These adorable wild things are so fragile and easily deterred. Even the slightest light and noises are enough to scare and discourage them. I can’t believe the people attempting to ride their backs! To my opinion, don’t even bother bringing a camera or phone. Leave this precious moment for your own memory. Moments like these are not easily found back. Besides, Google has enough pictures already.


The turtle hatching happens sixty days later. Witnessing this moment is as precious as the nesting! Once they break out they immediately head into the ocean, which makes it a shorter experience, nonetheless, just as amazing!

Dive With Turtles

Dazzling coral reefs, full of colorful fishes and turtles. Snorkeling is never enough! You need to dive this. In this website, you can find all the dive locations and shops in Trinidad & Tobago. With a description about the dive spot. The underwater world is something different. Its mystique, colorful, in peace. Almost what heaven is made of.


Hike Up Argyle Falls

At 175 feet aka 55 meters, Argyle Falls. Tobago’s highest waterfall. Another wonder of the world with its cascade of cool, crisp water that flows down from three dramatic levels. Located on the northeast side of Tobago. To reach these astonishing falls you have to walk an absolutely amazing path of nature. With lush colorful flora on both sides. Adoring shades of green sparkled up by sunlight. Enriched by the sounds of rushing rivers. The walk is a calming exposure. Along the way, you are greeted by butterflies and a variety of birds.


As the adventurous you are, you can hike up the bushy path on the right side to the second level. Here you are greeted by a thick mist. At this level, you can lie in several natural rock tubs and let the water rush over your body. Reaching the third level it is good to know that the smallest pool is the deepest and the best for swimming. Inviting you to dive, jump or swing into the water from available lines.


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