Published Articles

My first published travel article by Travelicious.World. What to do and where to stay in New York. Including a short story about celebrating the new year in Times Square. Bucket-list thing!


Do you dream of writing for yourself?

Don't hold back and start now! When I found this publisher through Writers Academy, it seemed easy to do. Apply, create a PayPal account, send in your article and wait for approval.

Well... It is not that easy! I don't tell you this to discourage you. Yet rather, so you know what to expect and start right at one time. Without making small stupid mistakes. They have strict guidelines, which come up later after you apply. Therefore I leave a little advice about how to start your blog. Read strictly every single step before doing so. This is the most important one. It is easy to make mistakes and there are no turning backs in most cases. Make your coffee or tea, sit back and take your time for this. It'll be worth it.

Set up your account

That includes more than just PayPal and Facebook. You'll have to buy your own domain which will cost a little over 12$. "Come up with a good writers name for your domain since you can't change it". This goes through Writers Academy. They have all the steps written out.

Your website becomes your portfolio. Publishers take a look at your website before they accept your application. Before you apply to write for a publisher, make sure to upload a few articles on your website first. Make it look presentable and professional. With little steps but everyday work, you will get there. Read every step carefully. Once you apply for any publisher, there is no turning back!

Writing for Publishers

Once your website is ready, you can apply for one publisher. There are different ones yet this one is worldwide useable. Travelicious.World for travel guides all around the world. When you apply don't start writing for it just yet. After they accept your application, there is another writer-guideline! This one slipped my attention somehow, so I screwed up my first try. While this is one of the most important guidelines to follow. Therefore I copied its link here Writing GuideYour blog won't be accepted if it doesn't fit this guide. The first blog you send in is your first impression. If you don't have enough readers, they won't accept your second application. You have to reapply for every blog you send in. The first try is easy, the real challenge is to continue writing.