Barbados: The Caribbean Wanderlust

Sun, sea and carefree! This Bajan experience was Amazing! The food, nature, beaches, all its wonders, and the locals. Not to mention, Rihanna’s hometown. This Caribbean journey in Barbados is carved in my memory, a heavenly place everyone should see!

Stay In The Bajan Paradise

Wonderful home, this Caribbean dream house in Speightstown. Karen’s place found through Airbnb. My most favored app for finding private accommodations all over the word. Like a charming garden suite with a private pool deck and ocean view. The room had everything in need, a beautiful bathroom. Clean, fresh, and cozy. An adorable room with a pleasant book collection. But who is going to sit inside in Barbados?


Outside the Garden Suite

One big garden as a balcony, with many tropical birds, tortoises, cat, and dogs walking around. A beautiful swimming pool deck, with all kinds of flowers and a lovely seating around. A little walk around the pool is an enchanting gazebo. Which, is my adored spot to sit read a book in the night. Watching shooting stars, the full moon and its light dancing on the ocean. The sky is so widely open, you could fall into its limitlessness. Definitely a paradise! Outside the garden is lush and tropical. There are regular visits from monkeys. Amazing sunsets and the firefly displays are magical. It’s a perfect haven for nature lovers.

Lovely people living in Eversince

The housemaid and keeper. Sadly, I never got their names. Yet I want to thank them, for all they have done during the stay. A dear sweet lady! On the door, I read “The quieter you become, the more you hear.” Very interesting quote, one I find comforting. Reminded me of Desiderata “Remember what peace there may be in silence, keep peace with your soul.” Don’t let anyone ruin it. The direct link to Karen’s place on Airbnb, to stay at this beautiful peaceful paradise.


Enjoy The Local Cuisine

As a Fish lover, every island is my heaven. Fried, grilled or baked, all kinds of fish. And who wouldn’t enjoy a sea view dinner? Visit Beach House for an elegantly dazzling restaurant where top notch service is to be expected. Flambeaus and torches lighten up the place romantically. I couldn’t take my eyes of the fire lights on the sea. The Menu fits this perfectly blending local flavors and spices with a Mediterranean flair. The daily catch flying fish, and steaks. I wanted to leave the flying fish for Oistins, so I chose the steak. Heavenly delicious steak! This taste is indescribable, you’d have to try it for yourself. After dinner, of course, sweet desserts and an espresso to end with a finishing touch. An adored evening is assured.

An evening at Oistins fish fry

Especially on a Friday night at the fish fry at Oistins Bay Garden! Eat, drink, dance, walk at the beach. There is so much to live for. Food is the main draw. Shark, marlin, swordfish, mahi-mahi, flying fish(the national dish), tuna and much more. Each and every one more delicious than before. Grilled or fried, it’s all cooked on the spot in front of you. Bajan locals around to laugh and drink with. It is amazing how lively a place can be with flavors, colors, music and a little vibe.


Even more to do in Oistins

There are art and craft items on sale, including original paintings, pottery, jewelry, leather craft, straw craft, wood carvings, ceramics, and accessories. Bob Marley, Jamaican Ska, Soca, and Calypso are mostly played around the place. Some nights a live band performs. Get up and dance! Collect fish scraps from the fish market and feed the turtles, walk on the pier and catch a great sunset. Meet with people, talk with them, dance with them. Have fun!

Where to go in Barbados

Out of so many Bajan wonders, I have listed a few of my most favored spots. Deep in the ground or underwater, wandering in the tropical jungle or sailing into the sunset. This island is one exciting heaven.

Adventure at Harrison’s Cave

At the heart of Barbados lies one of it’s greatest wonders. Crystallized limestone cavern. Flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water – which promises to keep you young when you drink it. Towering columns, white flowstones, and speleothems characterize this living cave. Including rooms as high as 20 meters or passages with just enough space to crawl through. Be careful where you step though, you might be walking into quicksand


Sailing on Jolly Roger’s Cruise

Choose from the lunch snorkel cruise or the sunset snorkel. Both cruises offer a barbecue buffet and unlimited drinks. You can swim with turtles and snorkel around shipwrecks. Rope swinging, shaded spaces, and plank walking bring up the fun around. A top deck for sunbathing and dinner is included. The greatest party awaits you with Pina Coladas and Rum Punch at the end. Sounds like the total cliche, however, it is extremely fun.

Dive around shipwrecks

Scuba diving. One of the most interesting sports I have ever done. The underwater world is different. It is peaceful and silent, yet lively and colorful. An amazing sense everyone should perceive. Dive with Reefers and Wreckers in Speightstown Barbados. These people will help you through, even if you feel claustrophobic and anxious. So that you could experience this anyhow. Don’t miss out on this world. Dive around reefs and actual shipwrecks, live this fascinating underworld.


Nature in Hunte’s Garden

Hunte’s Gardens, located in lush hills of St. Joseph’s. Their placement is really most unusual with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels. From sunny and open spaces, down to a mysterious, dark heart of real Caribbean jungle. There are relaxing hidden benches among the greenery. Be sure to have your camera ready, as birds and animals love to visit this garden too. A charming walk path will lead you to many surprises. Combined vibrant colors and rare exotic plants will take your breath away. The creator of this graceful beauty, Antony Hunte, is the heart and the soul of this place. He is mostly in his garden or around his extraordinary house, which is actually converted from an old stable. You are more than welcome for a glass of rum punch and fascinating stories.

Animal Flower Cave

The name “Animal Flower Cave” comes from the sea anemones found in the pools of the cave. Some of these pools are deep enough for you to swim in. There are also several openings looking out to sea, offering spectacular views. The walls of the cave are full of beautifully colored formations. Be sure to also stop in at the clifftop bar and restaurant, serving the best lemonade in Barbados, along with other refreshing drinks and local cuisine.


Must visit these beaches

The West Coast of Barbados is also known for Gold Coast. Due to calm, clear, turquoise water and its creamy golden sands. Perfect for diving, snorkeling, swimming and chilling. Although the east coast is more up for surfers.

  • Heywoods Beach – Speightstown
  • Sandy Lane Beach – Holetown
  • Carlisle Bay Beach – Bridgetown
  • Rockley Beach – Hastings
  • Dover Beach – St. Lawrence Gap

I must say, the beaches I have seen in Barbados, are breathtakingly graceful. Gold blends in with turquoise then shine sparkly through the sun. Watching all the colors, change in the sky. Listening to fading sounds of music, blowing with breezes. The sound of these tropical birds. It all completes the true Caribbean feeling. The feeling of beauty.

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