Antalya: A Luxurious Summer

Exquisite beaches, first-class resorts,  culture and friendly people. You will fall in love with this country over and over again. Delightfully rich Turkish culinary. One of the most important things in Turkey, Cooking! Every city has its own dishes which are all different and tasteful. Elegant nightlife, bars, and restaurants. Just a few of so many what Antalya has to offer. Summer love memories are to be created.

First-class resorts

There are too many hotels to choose from, impossible to pick just one. Thus my advice will be this entire road, for miles long across the ocean. Lara tourism road. Filled with luxury resorts, so the choice is yours. However, here is my selection of admired hotels


Replicas of world famous architecture

Like the Kremlin Palace and Topkapi Palace. Exact look-a-like and completely designed for your comfort until the last little detail. Venezia Palace Resort is a complimentary hotel as well, make sure to check them out before deciding. Some other replicas I favor would be Titanic Beach Resort and Concorde Deluxe Resort. Resembling the plane crash and the famous love boat of course. Despite expected top class service which will make you feel like royalty, don’t hide in your resort. Go out, explore, meet people and experience the beauty around you.

The local cuisine

Escape hotel meals- which can be very disappointing anyway- once in a while. Eat outside. There are countless, exclusively elegant, sea view restaurants. All over the coastline in Antalya!  These heavenly flavors won’t be forgotten.

Club Arma

Club, bar, and restaurant, able to serve 1500 persons. This is the place-to-be. High-quality Mediterranean cuisine, superior service, and elegant ambiance. A dazzling view of the old city’s yacht-port and Bay mountains, complete the picture. After a remarkable dinner on the balcony, you’ll find yourself in one of the three bars, trying several exquisite drinks. Getting ready for the club right above, to dance it out!

Seraser dining

Also located in the old city- Kaleici. Close to Hadrian’s gate. An enchanting ambiance and exemplary Mediterranean cooking at its finest. Culinary art. As appetizers, I would recommend Goat cheese and broccoli souffle or Moules mariniere. As a main dish either Sea bass wrapped in wine leaves or the Mediterranean pearl! If there is room for desert or not, there is no escaping this deliciously sweet, Tarte Tatin. You can certainly not leave without enjoying Turkish coffee after dinner.

Cafe and bars

Antalya has countless cafes for every style from rock bars to classy lounges. The joyful atmosphere, friendliness, and laughter bring sensational positive vibes around you. It’s impossible not to feel and share with them!

One traditional Turkish thing you have to try out. Any Nargile cafe for a water pipe. Most common flavors are apple and mint etc. Although, my only beloved one is red wine flavor with real grapes. It will be hard to find and then when you find it, it’ll be expensive. Yet it is a heavenly taste to smoke (also without nicotine available for non-smokers)

Chateau de Marine

Wine house in the middle of the marina with an amazing view. Try this place out, either before or after sailing with a yacht -Which what you should do anyway! You won’t regret these beautiful moments on the ocean.- Sit and luxuriate in wine tasting, you will be enchanted by this place and all around the old city- Kaleici.


Right under Jolly Joker pub. A social hotspot with enjoyable drinks and a colorful nightlife. Especially because after socializing down in Extrablatt, you can walk up to Jolly Joker for some live music and entertaining. But the night is young and we are not done! Take a turn into Club Soho for a dance. All within the same building.

Shopaholics be aware

Besides the local bazaars, you could enjoy a fine classy shopping spree. Malls like Terracity, the beloved hotspot for shopping, enjoying coffee and more amongst the elite. Laura and Shemall are not that trendy, although still favored. They are placed next to each other. I used to spend hours in Laura, in the bookstore. I wanted to read all of them like it was a library. Full of old looking books about ancient Egypt.

See some history

Whether go alone or join a group for a trip. This city alone has an incredible amount of historical ruins- some still uncovered. A tremendous archaeological treasure full of ancient mythical tales. Not even mentioning the rest of the country.

Aspendos antique theater

Is known to be the best-preserved ancient theater, which still hosts opera and ballet festivals and shows. A must see! Located in the east of modern Antalya province, close to Side. Greek Aspendos, the ancient city of Pamphylia and Belkis. Here you can find tales and stories like this.

King of aspendos granted the architect who builds the most impressive building for the city, his daughter. Princess Semiramis. An aquaduct and the theater was build. The king admired them both and figured the fair. He suggested to divide her in half. The aquaduct’s artist, accepted the kings suggestion. Whereas the designer of the theater, granted the princess wholy to his rival. The king liked his noble act- knewing he would be a good husband to her, and gave her hand to him. The builder of Aspendos.

The princess’ face is engraved on a wall in the theater, which still is well preserved. You can see the beauty in it. Though, this is not the only story you can find about this place. You will be surprised how far it all goes. Since Side is close by as well, I’d say take a look. You will find more archaeological ruins.

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