British Escape In London

A city of high tea, shopping sprees, the English culture, and royalty. A sweet escape in the great city of England. This is one of those cities you have to see at least once in your lifetime, do all the cliches there are. To blend in with the Brittish people. From Shoreditch to Notting hill in London, This is the place to be!

Sleep like a Queen of England

Near the Tower Bridge, River Thames and the Tower of London. In the historic building remaining from 1922, opened the brand new Four Seasons Hotel – Ten Trinity. Full of warm and rich elements, yet chic and modern. Beautiful city view. For two nights I’d suggest the Weekend Escape offer. Affordable prices for luxurious suites which are sleek and sophisticated.

With all the services that come with this offer, you will feel like a Queen. Since the hotel is in the center of the city, you can go shopping, drink tea, get dinner or do every cliche there is. All within walking distance. Then return to your palace, and enjoy a luxury spa sanctuary or any other of many elegant services, special for you. To make your relaxing after a heavy city trip worth it. Take the Deluxe Room for two with your love for a romantic weekend. For ladies who adore the royal treatment, Executive Room for four is the choice.

Fine dining in London

Located in the heart of London, in the Convent Garden. Souk Medina. Remarkable Northern African cuisine with a touch of 1001 nights. Everything in this place is Marocco. The taste, music, feeling and everything around. Dining seats are located such as Marrakesh, Djanet, Casablanca and Agadir. Full of elements special to that city. Personally, I loved the balcony seat in Djanet. Nevertheless, when you take a look in Souk Medina, it’ll be hard to make a decision.


Harrira soup is one of the most delicious soups I have ever tasted. -That was when I worked with Morrocan people, they would bring food all over the place. Especially to feed this way-too-skinny girl. I didn’t have to look twice when I saw the soup on the menu. Because my next choice will be Tagine! Either fish or spicy lamb or chicken. Delicious. The best trick is actually to find a Morrocan, be friends with it and make sure to visit their moms quite often. You won’t leave without eating.

Best coffee in the City

A dark, corner building with a light, refreshing interior. TomTom Coffee House. Minimalistic and modern elements meeting the typical British ambiance. Especially on a rainy day! The coffee? Heavenly in every style.

Cocktails in the sky

Yes! In the sky, with an amazing view all over London. SkyLounge. Be there before the sun sets, to catch the day and night view at once. Cocktails of all colors, flavors, and shapes. A nice menu of sweets and chocolate. The place to sit back, enjoy a cocktail with your friends and adore the view of Tower Bridge.

Brittish shopping spree

The trendsetting fashion city of the sixties! Carnaby street, the place to be in Swinging London. Where the youth decided fashion. With bright colors, synthetic clothing, and miniskirts a revolutionary step was taken from the fifties’ Paris. A time of futurism and flower power. However modern day London is still a highly favored shopping spot.

Box Park

East London in Shoreditch, one huge hotspot. After a long shop hunt, you can have boundless dinners in the Box Park. Cuisine from 20 different countries, way too many varieties. All are way too delicious. Brunches, tapas, Cocktails and drinks on a rooftop terrace! Although, this hotspot is not done yet. It has a limitless events agenda, an immense party point. Don’t forget your shopping bags though!


A luxury department store in Regent Street, Carnaby! Opened in 1875. Features that time of era blended with an elegant and classic interior. From beauty and home decor to fashion and accessories. Everything is findable in high quality. Brands such as Maria Tash, Celine, Byredo, Givenchy, Cocoa Loco, Keiko, and Dior. Webshop also available.

A nightlife escape

London’s famous nightlife – and day life for that matter- has so much to offer, it will be impossible to not miss out. Clubbing, concerts, (open) theater shows, festivals, art, and museum. There are 101 things to do with or without kids. Whenever it is you plan to go, make sure to check your dates on timeout.

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